Investment through Metlife or Zurich Insurance

I am planning for long term investment on Equity or Index Funds through established firms such as Zurich insurance or MetLife insurance.

Details i recieved from the broker is following,

[SUHAIL] How and what does Zurich or MetLife benefit from my investment incase I go with these fund managers ?
Ans :

  • illustration includes profit fees no additional fees,

[SUHAIL] Where they will invest my funds and in what form (any possible list of funds)
Ans :

  1. **HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index LU2233258073

  2. Emirates Global Sukuk Fund* LU1654397162

  3. Franklin Technology* * LU0976566736

[SUHAIL] Will they invest in thier own insurance or any other third part insurance
Ans: Their own insurance fund *
Zurich and metlife act as fund managers/mediators whereby they invest funds in other stocks and provide protection through thier insurance funds or other islamic insurers based in UAE. since it’s long term fixed monthly investment and locked for certain number of years, returns would be shared post lock in period

@Mufti_Billal and @Mufti_Faraz_Adam
Please let me know if its Shariah complaint and Halal to make investment through these firms as thier primary business model is based on insurance.

Request guidance through islamic fatwa’s and rulings to avoid any violation of islamic rulings