Investment strategy - any thoughts?

I’m in my mid 20s, married with dual income. I’m not a big fan of halal ETFs etc since I feel there’s not a whole lot of social good created (plus I don’t think the screening is as stringent as it should be). I want to grow my wealth, but at the same time I’d like to do some good with it.

I’m thinking of holding some cash (some as an emergency fund and occasionally the rest could be lent out as qard hasan where possible), and putting the rest (say 60-70%) in higher return higher risk investments, particularly those were something actually useful/positive is being done with the money, e.g. Ethis investments or property developments. I don’t mind losing the money especially if it’s for a good cause.

Would this be strategy unadvisable for any reason?

Since you are in the middle age I advise you with

To have different Fund in my opinion

1- Basic Fund ( salary from job )
2- emergency Fund ( 6 to 12 month salary ) this fund should be invested in high liquidity invesment like for example wadia وديعة or in some precious metal like gold and silver so if any time needed you can reach to it
3- growth fund and this can be done through see how is your spend and how much you save and this fund invested monthly with the amount you save in for example in any investment product like sukuk or any investment can give from 5 to 10 percent
4- after establish all the following you can go for high risk investment like opining business or any investment that can give high return but risky and you have to manage it
And if you have any question I can answer you without charging you and I consider it as sadaqa of alilm, unfortontly nowadays it is hard to find those people every one want to make from other profit forgetting baraka and how sadaqa of alilm can maker your life better of

Also do not forget sadaqa is the first investment you should look to it with Eman that enshallah if you become wealthy man that you will support others

You can keep in touch and am happy to answer you without sharging you any services like other do