Investment Purification

Assamu Alaikum WRWB,

Unfortunately years ago my dad put his 401K and ROTH IRA towards non sharia compliant funds, as that was all that was offered decades ago. But now that he has moved on from the company, he is able to transfer the funds out to another account so he can start investing in halal funds/stocks of his choice instead. However he is not sure how one would calculate the amount that needs to be donated in sadqah to purify his investments (whatever he may have accrued that was not halal). Any advise or guidance? Below are the funds he is invested in and would like to move away from.

  • American Century Retirement Date 2030 Trust I


May Allah bless you.
Try to make an honest estimate of how much of the haram income there is and give an amount you are comfortable with into sadaqah.

And Allah knows best!

Will do. JazakAllah Khair! May Allah accept our efforts and forgive us for our shortcomings.

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