Investment Losses from different markets

Assalamu Alaykum,

Hope you are all well and healthy.

Currently invested in the crypto market away from having invested in the stock market. Some of my investments within the stock market were non-shariah compliant and therefore required purification. Now currently in the crypto market, I recently aimed to purchase a particular cryptocurrency, however, as some cryptos must be sent over different exchanges to be purchased I ended up inputting the incorrect address and lost that money. Can I offset the loss from the incorrect transaction into purifying the money for the non-shariah compliant stocks for my overall asset investments?

Note- Portfolios were kept separate and no money from the non-shariah compliant stocks was used to invest in cryptocurrencies.

An example; making £100.00 in non-shariah compliant stocks and then losing £80.00 in cryptocurrencies over platforms (by inputting incorrect address), can I just purify the £100.00 by removing a further £20.00 from my portfolio?

Much appreciated may Allah bless you Ameen.