Investment in IAG/british airways

السلام عليكم
I hope this message finds you well. I tried to download your FTSE 100 excel spreadsheet, but unfortunately I’ve not received any emails yet.
I had a query concerning investing with the company IAG. The doubt arose as from the british airways they mention the following concerning alcohol

As british airways is largely considered as an airlines company, but due to the dealing with alcohol doubt has arisen whether the investment of IAG (its parent company) is permissible.

Under the Islamicly and Zoya Apps for sharia screening.
IAG on both apps shows that it is non-sharia compliant.

And Allah knows best.


When i looked last after COVID crash its gearing was above 33% Vs total assets - would not expect the situation would have changed. You may want to check on the average market cap basis which is also an acceptable method.

If you are interested in airline, Easy jet can be an option.

Jazakallah khayr for your answer, im trying to look at it from the angle of the alcohol being sold as if the situation of the debt changes; the alcohol services will remain.
If im not mistaken easyjet also fall into this same issue: