Investing Question: Yielders property investment

What is Mufti Faraz’s view on Yielders? Is it permissible for me to invest with them. In the financial details for properties, it shows they take property insurance every year, is this permissible?

Assalaamu alaykum,

We pray you are well.

The team at Yielders are good & well-intentioned team of individuals. I have not personally reviewed their product agreements, however, I have spoken to my friend Umer Suleman who is their Shariah advisor. Umer Suleman informed me that Shaykh Abu Esa reviewed and signed-off the products as Shariah compliant. As such, you may rely on Shaykh Abu Esa’s certification and review.

You should also get in touch with Yielders to get Shaykh Abu Esa’s shariah certificate and confirmation.

Allah knows best



Mufti Saab do you have any plans of reviewing yielders.


Wa Alaykum Salaam,

You can request Yielders that you would like me to review the products and I will happily review it and confirm its compliance.