Investing Question: Investing in a food company


Got a question about investing in a food products/snacking company. The company I am looking at is Mondelez (MDLZ). The breakup of their 2019 revenue is
Grocery- 7%
Beverages- 4%
Gum and Candy - 13%
Chocolate- 32%
Biscuits- 44%

As I understand there is minimal possibilities of using pork/alcohol in the above items. If there is some alcohol/pork, it is likely to be very low. Would you consider the business compliant (it passes the quantitative screening metrics).

Thanks again.

Wa alaykum salaam,

Yes, I would consider this as compliant from a qualitative screening perspective.

Allah knows best

Here is a link for their product breakdowns.

Assalamu alaikum,

I wanted to ask about the indirect selling or investing ina company that could sell haram. For example investing in a supermarket that sells halal aswell as haram products.
Another more specific example was say for you develop/invest in an app that allows restuarants to advertise themselves and you take a transaction fee of any orders that are placed through your app, is this haram.

Wa alaykum salaam,

There is a difference in investing and selling/buying from such companies.

Investing will depend on the ratio of Haram goods and services to halal goods and services.

Buying or selling to such stores is permissible and your transaction is not impacted by the assets held by the supermarket.

In regard to the app development, I assume that your app is neutral. It allows for anyone to advertise any product and for anyone to come and use this. Furthermore, it will generally be non Muslims purchasing non-Halal goods. For them, it is lawful. Therefore, it is permissible for you to benefit from the transaction fee.

Allah knows best