Investing in software / IT / SaaS companies

Assalamu alaikum
I have a general question regarding investing in software / IT / SaaS companies. If the main business / services and qualitative screening of such companies is shariah compliant but could be sold to / used by non Halal business / industry, is it permissible to invest in such stocks? Let me provide some examples

A company makes call centre management solution but can be used by insurance co or bank for customer service or sales

A content delivery network co that sells hosting but can be used for video streaming or music by end company

A cloud based accounting finance software co that could sell their subscription to all types of industries incl any non Halal company

Usually is cases of such companies they are Sharia compliant in screening due to main business model there is no breakup of sales / subscriptions to non Halal companies.

Any guidance would be appreciated in light of fiqh


May Allah bless you,
Yes in general it would be permissible to invest in a company where the service or products can be bought of for halal/haram purposes.

And Allah knows best!