Investing in Airlines like IAG or Qatar Airways

i have used your FTSE100 halal or haram list. IAG had nothing listed besides it so it was open to interpretation if it is permissible or not.

I invested in IAG but now questioning if it is permissible for me to invest in this company ? is it permissible for me to invest or should i sell immediately.

Are the grounds to not invest in IAG due to the service of Alcohol and Haram food ? so Qatar / emirates also sell alcohol so these would be impermissible too .

Please advise if i should keep or sell ?

Jazak allah khair

I thought IAG had >33% gearing to total assets ? This will make it impermissible I believe

I based it on the excel sheet IFG made about which companies are permissible in ftse100 and IAG was an edge case. I took the judgement and invested based on this. Same with BT.

But now if the debt is above 33% and i know this now. Do i have to sell or can i keep and when it comes to making a profit when i want to sell in a couple years i can maybe purify the wealth ? i need to be more careful in future now. Don’t want to be committing a sin. If i cash out of IAG i would make quite a big loss. Please advise

IAG was on my watch list but when I checked it against the IFG excel file, it had 40% gearing so I did not invest but maybe it may have changed if you did see it below 33%.

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Do you know what the current percentage of IAG debt is now ? Can you calculate this ان شا الله ?

They have raised over £2.75billion from the shareholders surely this has an affect .

I’m currently holding on to them but want to know can I hold longer once it recovers ?

ان شا الله could you check brother and let me know . I can’t do it

Per June 30th 2020 interim financial statements, they at least have an interest bearing Debt of EUR16.5b and total assets of EUR32.1b which gives a gearing of 51%.

You should also note that some scholars also calculate the the gearing ratio with regards to average market capitalisation of say 3 year period. Not sure how it would look like on that basis.

Any halal airline stock? Big players I look at are all non-compliant :frowning: