Invested in a Haram coin without knowing. Can I wait to break even or sell at a loss?

I invested in a coin and it dropped in price. I’ve been waiting for it to bounce back. But I just found out it’s Haram.

Can I wait for the coin to rise in price again to what it was initially (my initial investment) so I don’t make a loss?

Or do I have to sell it immediately and accept the loss?

I also invested in an haram coin and didn’t knew it was haram when I made profit i got to know its haram can i use this profit? or do I have to donate I was didn’t knew it was haram before investing


I don’t see any issue if you decide to wait and sell it at the point you can recover your capital investment.

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No you should give it away.

And Allah knows best!

Jazakallah mufti I have withdraw that haram amount inshallah I will give it to the needy one !

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