Invest Crowdfunding France : Ex Raisers

Salam Alaikom,

I live in france
I have a question about crowdfunding.
This is this offer: Basically, the investment consists of investing for example 1000 €. After 24 months, you get your captial + 10% Gain => 1200 €.
The loaned money is used to finance real estate projects.
Here is a sample project:

There is of course 2 risks:

  • On the payment target date, alaways, there is a delay on the delivery of the project
  • Also, loss of capital, if the project does not succeed.

Questions: is this kind of investment halal or haram? it’s clearly not sukuks but more assimilated to Bonds.

Barakallaho fikom.

Wa alaykum salaam,

Is it a loan as a structure?


I think it is a kind of a corporate bond.

Minimum Bond value = 1000 €
Maturity = 24 months
Gain = 10% per year

indeed, it’s a corporate bond

Assalaamu alaykum,

In that instance, it is not Shariah compliant.