Introduce yourself here

I’m 28, Male, Nigerian, A teacher
To learn and know the rulings on crypto currencies in Islam.
To provide for my family.


  1. 22, male, FL, student
  2. Finding out whether a new coin made by some Muslim brothers is halal
  3. Fajr

As Salaamu Alaikum,

3 questions:

  1. basic bio - age, gender, location, job.

My name is Dominic, recent revert, Alhamdolliah. Male, 34 years old, currently living in Ireland but hope to move to the UK or Middle east next year, Inshallah.

Just finished a degree in Economics and Finance, about to start a MSc. in Finance at TCD, Ireland.( original background is in theology and philosophy).

  1. What brings you to this forum?

I came to this forum because I was neck deep in Finance, Economics and planning for my future before I reverted.

I am now working to learn as much as I can about Islamic finance to keep my career and finance choice 100% halal, Insha Allah. I hope to do a Dip. in Islamic finance while I do my masters, insha Allah but obviously I want to gather as much info as possible and the great videos by Islamic Finance Guru on youtube led me here.

  1. What gets you out of bed every day?
  • Islam. I’m really grateful to Allah for the mercy of the gift this religion, the Prophet (pbuh) and the Muslim community. This drives my life, and gives me contentment, peace, hope , joy and ambition for everyday life!

  • I do love economics and finance too!

Nice to meet you all, and thank you to everyone at Islamic Finance Guru, May Allah reward you for this work! I cannot tell you how important a resource like this is. I live about 90km to the nearest Masjid, there are basically no Muslims in my town, as far as I know, and so connecting with the Muslim community and getting guidance etc can be difficult, especially in things such as Islamic finance, so once again sincerely, thank you!


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Aslaamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu,

I am Ausaf, 35 years old, Male, living in Dubai, UAE. I work as a project engineer in oil & gas company called OGASCO.

I am fascinated about Islamic Investment and especially work done by IFG. I really love the way you guys bring such an enormous opportunities to muslim society with the aim of uplifting muslim to be among the well off and contribute to the world.

Fajr salah and zest for learning Islamic knowledge.

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