Interviewing Non-Hijabis


Please answer this question for me as it’s really causing unrest to me.

If I am doing an interview with people on the street, is it haram to interview non-hijabis? (assuming I believe hijab is obligatory (by ijmaa’)). If its haram, does that mean it’s also haram to take photographs of business meetings that may have a non-hijabi woman as your teammate and post them on social media?

I am so confused by this concept as I saw a YouTube video that says in an ideal islamic country all woman should wear hijab and no woman can go on TV without hijab.

I make YouTube videos and use stock video footage, and sometimes that footage will be of London streets, which may have non-hijabis walking or business meetings which may have non-hijabis there. Is it haram to use these stock videos even though it sometimes makes what I am saying more sensible to a certain extend (because it doesn’t make sense to talk about business and put pics of flowers :/)

Please guide me to the best way to look at this.


May Allah bless you.
In order to answer this question, the first issue that must be addressed is whether taking photos and making videos is permissible at all. This is irrespective of, who is appearing on the photo or video. i.e. men, women etc.
Thus, in my view, this question is best asked privately to a senior scholar or a reputable fatwa service in the UK.
@Mufti_Faraz_Adam might have a different view to mine on the above.

And Allah knows best!

That is not what I am worried about, even IFG has a YouTube channel which upload videos that is compiled of photos.

I am worried about the 2nd part of my question. Can I use stock videos of people walking around the streets that may contain non-hijabis, or business meeting videos that may have non-hijabis in it. Obviously, they won’t be seducing anyone in these situations but they won’t be hijabis (since mostly they’re not muslims and not in a muslim country too).

To simplify it, can I watch ted talks of non-hijabi woman, and share their videos or use part of it in my video?

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

May Allah bless you all.

I know that I have no relation whatsoever in commenting here, but I would like to invite you to ask from:

May Allah reward us all the highest level of paradise. Jazak Allah khair and I am sorry to disturb you all.

They’re having high volume of questions so I can’t really ask :confused:


May Allah bless you.

Certain things cannot be discussed in a few lines. Hence this platform is not the right one to address this issue. Some things will be said, and will be misinterpreted.
The particular question you are asking, is very specific to a certain context. If a short answer is given, then people might make it a general ruling for other things.
I cannot therefore answer this question, hence my advice would be to ask a scholar privately.
I am tagging @Mufti_Faraz_Adam in case he might feel differently.

And Allah knows best!