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Selamu Alejkum

I have the oppurtunity to work as an Intern / Working Student in a Bank (Big Western Bank). Since I’m studying Finance, there isn’t a lot of options as an Intern and it is quite important to get work experience during my studies. My question would be: Is it permissible to do so with following major activity that I have to do for this role:

  • Carrying out Transactions (buy/sell) for the clients (on-exchance and Over the Counter). These Transactions often involve derivatives (which are obviously haram as far as I know)

So knowing that derivatives are haram, is it permissible to do these transactions for the clients? Keep in mind that I personally am not selling or buying it myself.
An Example: Client XY tells me that he/she wants me to do Transaction of Derivative XX and I will have to carry that out for this client. The Bank then earns the money through fees.

Is it permissible to do this activites as an Intern/Working Student (main reason for this job would be just to get some work experience for my CV)

Jazāk Allāhu Khayran


May Allah bless you,
My personal opinion is that If there are no halal alternatives, then take the position for work experiences, knowing that such position is not halal.
Make the intention that you will use this knowledge in the halal industry and ask Allah for forgiveness.

And Allah knows best!

Mufti saheb please help me in these,
I have asked these questions on several websites but non of them replied to me .please help me and give me your personal opinion on these matter.

I have a confusion regarding one of the fatwas that I came across and I want clarification from your site what is your final opinion on these

Fatwa if non muslim individual give you salary/gift/fees from haram income like interest, gambling,etc for your permissible activity then your income will be halal as non muslim are not obliged to follow Shariah

*I want to know that can I conclude from the above rulling that if your work is permissible then source of fund doesn’t matter in case of a muslim working under non muslim private company/public company and if yes then how can we determine that company is muslim or non muslim as the shareholder who is known to be the owner of the company are many comprises of muslim as well as non Muslim

Will my income legally will be halal as per hanafi fiqh please clarify it I am in great confusion. Please answer me

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Congratulations! Good to hear that. It’s worth mentioning gaining work experience. in the field of finance, it is important for your CV and future career prospects. However, it is equally important to ensure that your professional activities go with your personal values and religious beliefs. By consulting with the best CV writing service in Dubai, you can surely fulfill the CV requirement.

May Allah bless you.

Regarding receiving payment from non-Muslims who have haram sources of income, there are varying opinions. Personally, I hold the belief that it is permissible to accept gifts or wages from non-Muslims, even if their income is obtained through haram means, as they are not obligated to follow Shariah laws.

And Allah knows best!

Jazakallah Mufti saheb ,
I am satisfied with your answers Mufti saheb but can u please once clarify that how do we know that a company on which I am working is a non muslim and salary I draws for my permissible activity will be halal from such companies

Means by looking to the shareholders of the company that if majority of the shareholders are non muslim then the company will be known as the non muslim and source will not matter

Or by looking the religion of its promoters or CEO

Can u please Mufti saheb tell me the criteria to decide whether the particular public company on which I am working is a non muslim or a to decide?

Mufti saheb please help me as most of the local scholor don’t understand all these terms .

I hope u understand my question what I am trying to ask Mufti saheb


There is no requirement to ask or to investigate.
The above ruling is based on knowledge or information that is already available or obvious.
Looking at the religion of a person does not mean anything either in terms of halal or haram income. The prophet (pbuh) dealt with non Muslims.

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