Interest expense vs total expense ratio


I recently came across a youtuber who has been mentioning another ratio that he personally follows.

His ratio is looking at interest expense/total expense and interest revenue/total revenue. He seems to say a stock is financially acceptable if both of these ratios are below 5%.

He makes a compelling argument that in Islam, debt is not haram rather it’s interest and that’s why the criteria should be more about interest than debt.

This makes sense but it’s understood that debt in modern finance is almost always interest based. This ratio also seems to help massive corporations such as apple, google etc who have such massive revenue and expenses than their interest figures are almost insignificant. Smaller companies get hurt more with this ratio from what I’ve seen.

This youtuber does not seem to be a scholar and I’d like to get a scholar’s opinion on this ratio and what the scholars think about it as a whole.

Jazakallah khair in advance.