Insurance Rewards


I am buying car insurance using a comparison site like They offer me a selection of rewards (e.g.Fuel voucher) if i buy a quote from their site. Is it permissible to accept this reward?


May Allah bless you.
Yes its fine as far as I know.

And Allah knows best!

Appreciate the reply.

Would it not be questionable as the revenue source of the company giving the reward is impermissible?

And how does this compare to doing a permissible role in an insurance company, for example. I understand this isn’t allowed as the money you would be paid from is not halal money.

I’d really appreciate if you could help me understanding this


My understanding is that the reward is from the broker not the insurance company.
Even if it was from an insurance company, there may be scope for it to be halal. But would depend on the details.
Working for an insurance company is different.