Insurance for my daughter

Assalamu Alaikum Wa RahmatouAllah

I am divorce, my daughter is leaving with her mom, Ishe is now 20 years old al-hamdulillah. She just got her G2 licence. I gave to my ex-wife financal support with my 2 daughters living with her. My question, my son is living with me. My question who is responsible to pay for the car insuance of my 20 yrs old daughter?

Wasalam wr wb

May Allah bless you.
In general, the father is responsible to provide for her daughter until she is married. However, if she has her own income and wealth, then the father is not responsible anymore.
Furthermore, even if the father was responsible to provide for his children, I don’t believe he has to go to the extend of paying for their car insurance!

And Allah knows best!