Inquiry: Working in Blockchain-Security Company


I’m currently working in a blockchain-security company. My main task is to audit smart contracts: clients submit their smart contract code and I check that it’s correct, safe, etc. One of the contracts that I’m auditing defines a savings protocol (sort of similar to what a bank’s savings account would provide), and the saved tokens are redeemable with “accrued interest”. And I think this might translate to Riba.

In that protocol, there’s a depositor (lender) and a borrower. The depositor lends coins to borrowers with accrued interest. Borrowers put down digital assets as collateral to borrow tokens. The interest rate is determined as a function of borrowing demand and supply.

My questions are:

  1. Does that contract specified above count as Riba (usury)?
  2. Is it haram if I just audit – and not use – the contract (i.e. I just review the code)?
  3. If I manage to audit contracts that do not have interests involved, is it still Haram? What if those contracts that I audit can potentially be combined with the above protocol (e.g. a contract that implements another protocol that might end up needing a savings protocol), are they Haram to audit?
  4. If yes, is working at the company Haram even if I manage to avoid auditing questionable contracts?

Jazaka Allah Khair!