IFG Fund Replicator


How much stocks and shares experience is required to use the IFG Fund Replicator?

My account with Wahed gives me exposure to the halal iShares and HSBC funds. I was hoping to use the fund replicator to gain access to a variety of other sectors across the stocks and share market?

I would appreciate any advice.



You don’t need any experience. The idea is that non-Muslims without experience can invest in funds. Funds covering lots of different themes of the stock market. We’re trying to enable Muslims to have the same thing.

So we take mainstream funds with different flavours, and we share their halal picks. You can then buy these halal picks.

So yes the fund replicator would give you much wider access to other sectors in the stock market.

JazākAllah for your response

Salam Alaykum,

Wanted to know, for Muslims outside the UK, what are the options for something like the IFG Replicator?

Or is the best option to contact someone in the UK as a “reference” for any such investments?

Thank you.

I really want to get the ifg fund replicator but want to know if it’s halal coz it’s 4.5 star on Sharia compliant. Does that mean there’s a chance of it being haraam.

Asalamualaykum brother,

I’m not sure what the star rating exactly means but the following is directly from the IFG website and may give you some reassurance:

Sharia Compliance

We’ve had every stock screened manually by Mufti Billal Omarjee, so you can be confident any you choose are Sharia-compliant.

If this does not accord with stock screening apps, it is more likely that the manual screen is correct.

We regularly ensure that all stocks remain compliant and provide updates if changes occur, to give you full security when investing.

I hope this is helpful.