If most uses are haram, is the whole also haram?

As Salaamu Alaykum

On the list of halal cryptos:

Theta is listed as halal. With the caveat that if it is mostly used by haram (“illicit”) sites in future, then it could make Theta haram. Have I understood this correctly?

I thought the principle that just because something can (or is) used for haram, it does not make the whole haram. Is there an exception to that in case it gets mostly used for haram?

I am interested in investing in a very promising DeFi crypto which could be used for haram (riba), though I believe it would depend on the financial institutions who adopt it, how they choose to use the technology. It could also be used by a halal bank from my understanding, though I am still conducting research into how it works.

My concern is if it gets mostly used by haram financial institutions, would that then make it a haram investment?

Jazak Allah Khair

As Salaamu Alaykum

Is it permissible to invest in a crypto that is itself not used for haram, but the project behind it is used for haram?

So let’s say there is a project that deals in part or in whole with riba, and the developers release a token for that project. Let’s say one of the many uses of this token is in riba but it is also used for a number of other things in the overall system.

Would it be permissible to invest in the token?

On face value, this post may seem similar to my previous one:
If most uses are haram, is the whole also haram?. the difference here is that I am asking about whether we can make a distinction between the tokens and the projects themselves.

Jazak Allah Khair