Ice-cream truck business

Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I live in country ABC. I want to start an ice-cream business.

Question 1: The country does not allow anyone to start an ice-cream business without a license. So, if I started without license, will my income be haram? I know that police might catch us, but will can pay the fine.

Question 2: We see that there many people who put their stalls in a market-place for selling something (like, fruits and vegetables), even though they know that it is illegal. I think most of them are poor. When the police comes, they try their best to quickly close their stalls and run away or hide from the police. And when the police goes away, they return to their usual activity. Does this not seem to be like my case (ice-cream truck business)?

Question 3: What if the country has forbidden this business activity? I think the reason is because the kids might get sick when eating ice-creams, especially in winter. But my argument would be that I don’t care whether they get sick or not, as I am not FORCING them to buy it.

Jazak Allah khair!!!


May Allah bless you.
We cannot advocate to break a country’s laws and regulations. Especially when we don’t live in that country and are not aware of their laws.
These sort of questions are best put to the local imams and scholars for better guidance.

And Allah knows best!

Jazak Allah khair for your time and answer!!! May Allah bless you too. I think understand what you mean.

I think I have written down the country’s laws and regulations. Like:

I just made a hypothetical scenario. And I’m really sorry to disturb you all.

Unfortunately, even in a hypothetical scenario, I could not give an answer on such matter that also involves a political context. The hypothetical answer might be used/misused by others for real life scenarios.
@Mufti_Faraz_Adam might have a different opinion on this.

And Allah knows best!

Oh right. Jazak Allah khair for giving me that wisdom and knowledge. What a grat mufti, Mash Allah!