I repent from impermissible trading

Assalamu alaikom, I made a lot of money using 500$ from a coin that is based on interest, but I repent now and I want to be in the right path.
I made $10k, I gave half of the money to my mother since she is in real need of the money even tho she doesn’t know it’s haram money.
I invested with 2500$ and over time I made 7000$.
And I spent the last 2500$ On myself.
Can I give the rest of the money to my mother my brother or my father?
If not what do I have to do?

Assalamalykum, I’m no expert but maybe this could answer Your question. I do not think its permissible to give this money to your mother based on these articles

Rulings on disposing of haraam wealth after repentance - Islam Question & Answer (islamqa.info)

   \\\[How to dispose of haraam wealth after repenting - Islam Question & Answer (islamqa.info)](https://islamqa.info/en/answers/78289/how-to-dispose-of-haraam-wealth-after-repenting)

You may need to donate that money. But I would love to have Mufti’s opinion on this matter ASAP.