I’m not sure if my job is halal


In the name of Allah the most merciful the most kind.

I recently got a job offer working for a company that deals with employee retention tax credits (ERC). They help small to medium businesses, that lost money paying employees in covid, to claim a refund for that money from the IRS. The money that gets paid to these businesses from the IRS is paid back with 2% per year interest. The company I work for then takes a commission from that money and I am paid a commission from that commission that the company has taken from the refund

My role is to call these companies up and to tell them about the tax credit refund and to book them onto a advisory call with an advisor from the company I work for.

I would like to know is my job halal or haram. If it is haram I will leave before I start for the sake of Allah.


May Allah bless you.
Because the refund arrangement has got an interest clause attached to it when paying it back, it would not be permissible from a shariah perspective to assist people in taking part in this scheme.
However, if you are in need of job and wage, and there is no alternative currently, then take the job until you find something more suitable and halal for yourself.

And Allah knows best!