I am forced to pay money for apartment from Insurance claim

My relatives are forcing us to pay installment of apartment from money I will get from claim of Insurance my father did. Me and my family are dependent on relatives and we don’t have any income right now. My relatives bought us apartment and we got short of 4 lac Rs approximately now they are asking me to pay this money from claim we will get from our father’s life Insurance. My father has died and I had a long argument with my relatives that this is Haram money but they are forcing to pay from this Haram money and saying you can give sadqah without sawab niyah to needy ones when ever you will have your own money. Kindly tell me what should we do? can we use this money? also If we can take claim money which is other than interest like the money company gives on the case of death.
Kindly help me, May ALLAH give reward to you.