Husband not supporting wife

My husband and I have been married for 10 years and have 5 children together. My husband persuaded me to give up work to look after the children after I had our second which made sense. My husband works full time and I stay at home. I receive top up of working tax credit and child tax credit and child benefit into my bank account. With this I pay for the rent and all household bills. He would sometimes give me a few hundred pounds if I asked as I was struggling to make ends meet. It’s got to the point where the money I am receiving is not covering our basic outgoings and I have now stopped asking for money as it turns into an argument about how no money will never be enough for me (he says). He doesn’t realise how much anything costs and makes out as if I am spending money on myself. What is the guidance on this please. I am happy to look after our family but I just need a bit of help without being made to feel guilty. Should I ask him to have half of the bills paid out from his bank account to ease the pressure on myself

To put this into context, I have around £100 a month left after all household bills are taken and this is not including petrol, food, clothes, anything the children need or one off costs.

So what exactly does he pay for?

You should have a sit down with your husband and a local Imam. All costs for the kids should generally be coming out from his pay and including costs for yourself if he can afford it. Obviously I dont all the details but best to sit down and talk to someone.

Sister, looking after one’s children and paying for their accommodation and well being was, is and will never be state’s responsibility.

Once you are married the husband assumes the responsibility and it is alarming to hear that he is barely chipping in when he should be ensuring that 100% of the family’s needs are met (be it financial or non-financial).

You also need to ensure that all claims made to the state are based on truth as any claims with information being falsified or mis declared could mean that the monies you are receiving are through deception and may not be Halal.

May Allah make it easy for you. Ameen.