How do I purify inherited ETFs?


I recently inherited stocks and ETFs from my father. The ETFs have haraam elements for sure and am not sure to what degree. They are SOXL, NAIL, and TECL, all three are in NASDAQ market.

From my calculations the percentage of non shariah compliant holdings is

SOXL: 27%
NAIL: 44%
TECL: 37.5%

I just used the Zoya app to figure out which stocks were not compliant and added their percentages.

Do I purify the profit based on the date I inherited or the date my dad put in money in the stock before he passed away ? Would make a big difference in terms of numbers. Additionally, my dad had been investing for like many years and had stocks before this so I really would have to do a lot of digging to make out the whole history behind is money. Can I just assume the positive ?

Also, I still have to pay his taxes which are probably about 37%.

Would appreciate a response so I can purify my wealth, jazaakAllah !


May Allah bless you and grant your father paradise.

Ideally, you should purify the profit made from the investment. Try to make an estimate of how much of the haram money there was at the time you inherited the wealth, and give it away into charity.

And Allah knows best!