How can I get into investing while I already own a business?

If I’m interested in investing £2,500, what are the opportunities/routes I should take?

What is the guaranteed income if I’m willing to invest more?


May Allah bless you.
Please see the link below for some ideas:

Please note, in Islam there is no such thing as a guaranteed income when you invest money. When you invest, you should bear the risk of investment.
However, you can work to minimise the risk or, chose low risk level investments.

And Allah knows best!

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May Allah reward you

Do you have any advisers to organise a face-to-face meeting in London or Luton?

If so, how much do you charge? Also please give me a list of the reliable advisors with names and numbers.

Thank you. May Allah reward you abundantly.

@ibrahimkhan might be able to make some suggestion.

Assalam, i just want to ask if trading indices is haram, i think it’s also called stock indices as trading stocks isn’t haram image|281x500


May Allah bless you.

Please refer to the link below: