Hospitality IT Solutions - Job Offer


I was recently offered job as an Infrastructure Engineer at an IT company that provides property management, booking and epos solutions to the hospitality sector. Their clients include hotels and pubs.

My role would involve designing and configuring the cloud-based infrastructure that their solutions will run on and to support the infrastructure. I personally cannot see anything wrong with the property management side of things but was more concerned about the epos side, as I assume the majority of their clients will sell alcohol or other haram food/beverages. The infrastructure that I would design and setup would record the sales and facilitate payment.

I would like to know if this role would be permissible or should I avoid joining such a company?


Kindest Regards



May Allah bless you.

My advice would be to take the job if you need it and get the experience that you need to move on to something more suitable in the near future.

And Allah knows best!