Helping people sell investing courses (permissible?)

I have a client that wants me to write his marketing campaign for a product he sells. And that product is a training course that teaches you how to invest in a particular type of real estate strategy.

One benefit of that strategy is that you can gain ownership of a house for very low cost (halal). The other benefit is that the government will pay you a high interest amount for investing your money into it (haram).

My question: Is it impermissible for me to take on this client and create his marketing to sell the online training? Will it be held against me for every person that does earn haram interest by applying the training?


May Allah bless you.
Is he the client of the marketing company you are employed by, or the client of your personal business?

Kind regards


The client is of my own personal business.

Is the payment of interest by the government, a direct consequence of this particular method of investing?

Will this benefit be part of the marketing materials too?

Yes, and yes to both.

May Allah bless you.

In this case, it would not be permissible to carry out this task. It will be equivalent to aiding in sin, since you are advertising a product that will generate interest payments.

And Allah knows best!