Halal to work for Stripe?

Hello, AoA.

I have a job offer from Stripe to work as a Software Engineer and wanted to know if it is Halal to work there.

Stripe is primarily a payment processing service for online businesses (similar to Paypal). They have 16 different offerings and 2 of them fall in the haram category in my opinion (business financing and banking as a service). I will have a choice when it comes to choosing teams so I can choose not to work in the above mentioned teams.

I followed the guidance in the article Is My Job Haram, and these are my deductions:

  • Is your job actually acceptable per se? Yes, I’ll be working as a Software Engineer
  • Where is the money coming from which you will get paid for? Stripe has 16 offerings so I can’t say how much revenue is generated from haram sources.
  • Are there alternatives? Yes
  • How proximate are you to the sin? I will choose not to work in teams that fall under the haram category. However, there is a chance I might be providing some indirect support though.

I would really appreciate help and guidance in making this decision.



May Allah bless you.
If the majority of their income comes from halal sources then you can work for them.

And Allah knows best!

Is it halal to transaction money whit stripe like if someone sends me money is it halal?