Halal to work for Amazon in Music?

Recently, I received an offer for an apprenticeship opportunity with Amazon in the field of project management. However, I have recently been informed that I will be assigned to the Amazon Music department – the teams we get assigned to are random based on the needs of the business. As a practicing Muslim, this has raised concerns for me, as I am apprehensive about potential conflicts with my religious beliefs due to the nature of the work and content involved.

In choosing the apprenticeship route, I sought a path that would align with my Islamic values. One significant consideration was to avoid taking out a student loan, which is considered haram due to its involvement with interest (riba). By pursuing an apprenticeship, I hoped to gain valuable knowledge and skills without incurring interest-based debts. However, the recent revelation about my assignment to the Amazon Music department has brought forth new concerns, prompting me to seek guidance from esteemed scholars and members of this Islamic forum.

Before this apprenticeship, I had left a previous apprenticeship at an investment bank as I realized the work environment did not align with my Islamic values especially relating to interest (riba). I now find myself at a crossroads again with this being my only offer, unsure of how to proceed.