Halal/Sharia-Compliant Investing Options in the US

What are halal retirement investment options in the US?

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You may look at:


I cannot verify the Shariah compliance but I believe they have reputable scholars and people on their boards.

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First of all, what a great platform this is brothers and sisters mashallah.

My question is about investing and how to find out a stock is haram or not. I’m using a stock screener but to get actual reports of whether the stock is halal or haram I’m expected to pay. It doesn’t feel right to have to pay for fatwas/to know more about one’s deen especially as a recurring cost that these stock screeners request. I would rather be taught how to look at whether something is halal or haram and apply that myself. Is there any such article? I was interested in a few of the tech stocks in America but it seems some can be haram even if the inherent buisness is halal which is very confusing…

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There is an excellent article on how to invest in halal stock (see link below). There is also a course offered by IFG on the screening method for halal stock. @ibrahimkhan will give you more information about it.



This is a comprehensive USA & Canada Halal Investing Guide - this will iA answer 90% of your queries: