Halal or Haram source of income

I have a concern about a job offer that i got.
Being about to graduate and searching to find the perfect job is really hard these days. I have done BS in Accounting and Finance.

I have received an offer from a multinational Market intelligence company as an insurance associate. Work doesn’t include selling insurance or telling people to buy it rather dealing with regulatory dataset which company have on the product and i will be guiding people (clients) on how to best access it or on how to best use the info for their analysis.

Company gets info from regulatory body, company has multinational companies as its clients and they want a consolidated dataset hence i will provide it to them. its is a market intelligence firm hence not providing insurance to others rather the information and tools.

My concern is the money earned from the job will it be a halal source of income for me?

Please if anyone could explain this to me

JazakaAllah khair