Halal Jobs/Income


Following on from the very informative talk from MFA, a few questions:

  1. Would working on a self service checkout and having to authorise the (age restricted) sale of alcohol be permissible?

  2. If you work at a bank/supermarket and there is a bonus paid to staff based on its yearly profit (would include profits in part from non permissible sales) can this be accepted?

  3. When purifying wealth from non permissible profits, would it be acceptable to give this as sadaqah to Muslim charities?

Many thanks

Wa alaykum salaam,

Jazakallah khayran dear brother for attending.

  1. Yes, as discussed in the webinar, from a “Shariah legal” sense, it wouldn’t be illegal to do that. You are not responsible for what the person is doing or buying. You are only responsible for your role.

  2. Yes, the bonus is lawful.

  3. If it is from investment in a company, you should select purification and Riba.

Allah knows best