Halal Jobs after studying Finance/Economics

Assalmualaikum. I’m currently a high school student however in a few months I will be leaving for University. I’m interested in studying Finance and Accounting/Banking or Economics, however I was concerned regarding the halal jobs I can do with such degrees. I don’t want to have a job thats connected with Riba. I was thinking about FP&A or that sort in the Financial/Budgeting department but I’m worried that it would be a Riba based area. So I hope I could get the guidance from the experienced users and from Allah to make the best decision for my deen as well as for my dunya. Jazakullah Khair!

Wa alaykum salaam,

Your concern is very commendable. Study, and do your best to find a role in a Halal business. Avoid Riba and working in Riba-based firms as much as possible.

Allah knows best

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Jazakullah Khair Mufti Faraz