Halal Investing Platform


Not sure if anyone else is having a hard time finding a Halal Investment broker platform/app… Finding Halal stocks to invest in has been easy, but choosing a Halal platform to invest with has been a bit tricky since there’s many fees and terms we need to look out for.

I’m currently looking at many options that advertise their Islamic account or swap-free account option.

Etoro is one of them and I’ve noticed a few people asking if they are really Halal, I’m still researching this. I’ve asked Etoro about their Islamic Account and fees attached to it since they don’t charge interest and commission with this account. They’ve said they don’t charge any fees and their revenue comes strictly from spreads (the difference between they buy and sell price).

I thought I’d share this here just in case anyone else was wondering about Etoro’s Islamic account.

NOTE: I’m not saying this is a Halal option, you still need to do your own research before deciding which platform is really Halal and suits you best Inshallah.

Please feel free to comment with the platform you use.


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