Halal income In a Supermarket

Your website is a great resource for us looking for more information on this area.

I am finding the more I read about halal income, it gets very tricky in a western society.

I currently have a job offer at a large supermarket chain in my country (similar Sainsbury), the role is not in a store but in their corporate office in a HR role. Even though I’m not directly involved, as this store sells all kind of groceries, would this income be halal for me? The role itself is permissible.

Thank you


May Allah bless you.
If there are no haram activities involved in your current role, then there is no issues with working for these types of supermarkets.

And Allah knows best!

Thank you, that’s what I am thinking but the area I am not to sure about these two areas:

  • The source of my income is coming from sale of items that are both from halal and haraam.

  • Indirectly assisting others in selling of these goods, even though the indirect aspect is distant

I guess my concern is around should I think specifically of what I am doing vs the area of what the organisation is doing, what they sell, where they get their income etc etc.

Do you have any views on this?