Halal ? Error or opportunity in Coinbase (ETC)

Assalam 'alaikoum to everyone. I hope your are doing well.

I have a problem that, I believe, is difficult to apprehend, at least for me. Please excuse my english if I am not clear.

This afternoon there has been a massive difference regarging ETC (ether classic) price, between Coinbase (up to 125$) and others plateforms such as Binance (80$). Several explanations have been advanced that I do not understand. I have not been trading since then, neither buying or selling.

Among the reasons that I read on twitter are : 1) the difficult arbitrage due to a Coinbase “rule” that require “10K confirmations”, instead of 125 in the part of Binance; 2) an error in the system, that is forcing Coinbase, right now, to buy or sell the ETC on its behalf to honor their commitement ; 3) a “normal” difference due to the fact that ETC is more rare in Coinbase

I am deeply sorry if I don’t get the problem right. Basically is it permissible to trade in this situation ? I precise that I am an european customer whose fiat is already in Coinbase.

Thanks : )

EDIT : I have found an article that aims to explain things clearer. I have not mentioned it but I have invested in this asset before the situation.