Halal company with minority haram income

Hi, I’ve been invested in a tech stock for a while and I’ve recently noticed that approximately 25% of their revenue comes from financial services clients. the company helps other companies to digitalise and can involve making apps so I’m unsure as to whether the 25% is overruled by the 75% that comes from halal industries and hold the stock or whether I should sell the stock and give the profits to charity.

Wa alaykum salaam,

Can you give more detail on what services they provide to the financial services?

Not all the details of exactly what they do for financial services are available but they provide examples of what they’ve done. I’ve not been able to find specific costings for each project that they’ve done for financial services companies but here are some examples:
• helps banks and insurers to make their digital transition
• helping the health insurer to set up a chatbot and to design a cloud environment and develop mobile apps like a healthcare finder app which helps insurance policy holders to pick the right healthcare provider for them
• carried out a strategic exercise at a Belgian insurer on the use of (electric) bikes and the link with mobility, health and the environment.
• developed a new platform for buying and selling investment funds on the basis of blockchain for a bank
• developed a Business Intelligence solution for a bank
• helped an insurer integrate safeguarding information security and privacy into its software development processes.
• Helped a bank make mortgage administration cheaper