Halal companies for software engineer


I am currently applying and interviewing for opportunities as a software engineer. I wanted to know if the following companies/industries would be halal to work for:
1 - A company that deals with financing activities in addition to non-financing work like Shopify, Stripe or Square
2 - Developing on an ad platform that may not always contain halal advertisements, such as for Uber Eats or Reddit
3 - Working for a company that provides a marketplace for wholesalers to list products, and they help support the sellers and match sellers to buyers. They take commission off the sale of products. Most of the products are halal, but there are also categories like alcohol.
4 - Working for a company not profitable (startup, early stage), that is funded by investment firms?

Thank you!


is anyone able to help me? i am interviewing with these companies right now and need to know this so i can redirect to a permissible opportunity if needed

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AA is anyone able to help here @Mufti_Billal @Mufti_Faraz_Adam


If these specific questions can’t be answered for some reason, is there any guidelines that can be shared that i can follow? Or someone else I can ask? i thought this is a good forum to ask because i know a lot of imams are not very familiar with these companies and how they make money.

i have done my own research as best as i can and have some observations but i don’t know if my conclusions are right

I have read answers that working for a company like a food delivery firm is permissible. But the part that confuses me is don’t these companies make much of their money from commission of haram food? But if its halal to be a delivery driver where one actually delivers haram products, then working in the office where one is not transporting food should be even more halal?

As some scholars are of the opinion that working at a bank is halal, then working at a fintech in a non-financing role should be even more halal i think, where the bank is only a portion of what the company does?

I know it is halal to invest in Google and Facebook, though they also have a lot of haram content especially YouTube which has also inappropriate adverts. If it is halal to own these companies that make revenue off of ads, then it should be halal to work in this area as well ?


May Allah bless you.

If these companies offer generic services that can be used for both; halal and haram, then you can work for them if your role too is halal.
Option 4 or 3 seems to be the better options though.

And Allah knows best!