Halal Children Savings Accounts

Assalam Alaikum Zeeshan, don’t want to sound intrusive but is there a way to privately message you? Just wanted to check a few things with you please. I have never had any saving accounts so in a completely unfamiliar territory about all that is being discussed. However I just want to set a saving account for my 3 children so would like to have a understanding on all this please. JazakAllah in advance.

Walikum as salam Waqas,

Sure - Though it always helps others to benefit from members discussion in the group, however, if you prefer to check something privately then you can click on my name/picture and it will show you a “message” button that should allow you to send me a private message.

Asalaam hope everyone is fine.

Can anyone tell me that investing in foresters financial fund is halal? This is for childs ISA

I have copied this from they brochure

25% MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI) Net Dividends Re-invested (NDR) unhedged in Great British Pounds (GBP or
Sterling) terms
• 15% MSCI World Index NDR 100% hedged to GBP
• 10% FTSE All Share Total Return (TR)
• 5% MSCI Emerging Markets (EM) NDR in GBP terms
• 36% Barclays Global Aggregate Corporate Index 100% hedged to GBP
• 8% Barclays Global Aggregate Treasury Index 100% hedged to GBP
• 1% Sterling Overnight Cash Index

Salam - none of the above funds appear to be shariah compliant so the answer is no.