Halal business idea

Is this permissible,I buy my product from a retailer in China and then sell it and the Chinese retailers sends the item to buyer,this is not dropshipping as I’ve already brought it

May Allah bless you.

If you have acquired full liability of the product before it is being shipped to another buyer, then I do not see any issue.
However, if the liability has not been transferred from the original seller to yourself, then no its not permissible.

And Allah knows best!

Ameen,So if I buy the product before I accept all liability I guess because I’ll lose out on the money

Would buying it beforehand mean I’ve accepted liability

Just buying does not mean the liability has been transferred. There is a need for a clear understanding that if the product is damaged before it reaches the buyer, that the first seller is not responsible for it. So not only you would need to refund your buyer, but you cannot seek a refund from the first seller either.

Yeah usually the first seller is never liable,if anything happens liability is mine I’ll have to refund no matter what is this permissible then?

If the first seller does not have to refund you either, then yes it is permissible.

And Allah knows best!

Yeah liability is on me the first seller doesn’t have to do anything,if anything goes wrong from product to customer I have to refund