Halal alternative to dropshipping

Asalamualaikum,I really wanted to start dropshipping but because of the fatawas that I heard it makes me scared to invest in it . I will really appreciate if I could have an alternative that is shariah compliant.


May Allah bless you.
See link below:

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السلام عليكم
I have posted a similar proposal in the following link:

Is my proposal Shariah Compliant too? What about my clarifications in that post? can you shed some light on it please.


Assalaamu alaykum, for ease of referece to all others, here’s below an extract:
(After the user enters his Credit Card Detail (or any other online payment option) and Upon him Pressing the “BUY” button, the following occurs in this sequence:
1- The Item is Purchased by the Seller from the Manufacturer.
2- Once the Purchase is accepted (electronically), the Customer gets charged for the item (cost + Seller’s Markup whatever it is!)

I agree with you. Normally, when the buyer clicks on the “BUY” Button, the transaction occurs and his payment is effected. Nevertheless, what I’m proposing is to CUSTOMIZE this button (php, html, .asp, jscript, etc) so that the online PURCHASE is Done and confirmed by the Manufacturer prior to executing the transaction and collection payment from the Customer. Basically, this is a technical solution to Buy before we Sell!

As stated earlier, the Seller takes full responsibility for delivery, and 100% Money Back Guarantee if anything went wrong. Would this be Shariah Compliant?

Jazakum Allah Khair.