Guaranteed rent when buying a property


Is it halal to buy a property where the developer guarantees the rent or net income? Similarly, is it halal if they gurantee a buyback of the property sometime in the future?

Muhab Hasan

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Wa alaykum salaam,

If they agree to lease it from you and as a result agree and guarantee rent, then that can potentially work. Of course, any definitive guidance would depend on the finer details.

With the buyback, it just depends on how it would be structured.

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Ah makes sense.

It is a hotel room that I will buy and they’ll guarantee rent and then buy it back at a 110% of the original price after 3 years.

Assuming the way its structured is halal, is it halal to invest in a hotel room, where there’ll probably be an alcoholic fridge/ potentially bar downstairs? Even though I am only investing in the room itself

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One way to guarantee rent is if they lease it back from you.

The buy back has to be a unilateral undertaking and not a forward agreement.

If you are only buying the room and nothing else, then the presence of alcohol elsewhere will not impact the compliance of your transaction.

Allah knows best