Growth vs Dividend Junior ISA

Asalaam Alaykum

I’m looking to set up a junior isa for my new born and I was intrested in hearing everyones thoughts on what is a better investment for the long term, growth or dividend stocks?

For our first child i invested in growth stocks last year which has worked well due to covid crash.

I was thinking trying something different for the second.

I was leaning towards dividend stocks with the compound effect over 30 40 years im thinking that could result in some future passive income?

Wa alaykum assalamu, I’m doing the same with my new born. I personally prefer individual stocks and keep them in for 10-15 plus years.

Although dividend stocks are good because of the diversity. However, if you are good are researching individual stocks, and make educated decisions, I would personally do individual.

What platform are you using? I used Hargreaves for my first.