Graphic Designing


I work in an Company that exports towels to American Hospitality Sector.
My Job is of Graphic Designing so my question is :

  1. Is it haram to work in such a company because I have to make banners , posts & designs related to the rituals of Christians like Christmas, Easter etc because the Company Organizes Sales for these occasions. I can not stop them from giving special sale offers on such occasions as it is not in my control.

  2. I have to make short reels in which I have to add music as well.

  3. They also have limited pictures of their products so I have to download pictures directly from google

Is my earning halal?

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May Allah bless you.
This specific duty would not be considered Shariah compliant if it involves promoting a different faith. It would be better to find another job where you are not involved in such activities. Once you find a suitable alternative, you can then leave your current position.

And Allah knows best!