Got a job at a digital bank


I got a job in the check deposit fraud mitigation department of a digital bank and am trying to figure out if would be halal for me to work there. They have two sources of income:

  1. Interchange fees and this is the primary one
  2. They offer savings accounts and divert those funds to an actual partner bank who invests them and returns profits to this digital bank who then gives interest to the customer

My role will not be witnessing, recording or even supporting the interest related second source of their income and I’ll only be dealing with check fraud management.

Given the nature of my expertise, I’ll only find roles in fintech companies or companies who in some manner deal with interest. Besides the entire US economy deals with interest as the financial ecosystem is made up in such a way.

Im not trying to justify being able to work at a bank but would really like some expert scholarly opinion on this please.


May Allah bless you.
There are two opinions in regards to working in a conventional bank.

  1. If the role in itself is halal, it is is still impermissible to work there as you are supporting an interest based industry.

  2. If the role in itself is halal, then it may be tolerable to work there but still should be avoided.

And Allah knows best!