Giving away received interest question

Selam Aleykum,

I want to give away the received interest that I received because I have a savings account at the bank.

To which people can I give this money away? Can I for example buy a food package or multiple food packages and give that away?

Is it true that I can give it away to someone in debt who can use the amount to pay off his debt or a part of it?

Is it true that I do not receive hasanat for this? Is there any other reward from Allah for this even if it is haram interest?

I suppose that I am not allowed to use it myself to pay off a debt or to donate the amount to a family member?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


May Allah bless you.

You can give it to a poor person. If the debtor is also poor and their debt is not because of a haram action such as gambling, then you can also give it to them too.

You can buy food with it to distribute to the poor.

Yes there is no reward from using any sort of haram money to do a good deed, no matter how great the deed is.

And Allah knows best!

Can I give the money to one of my family members?