Fund accountant - Halal/Haram

Is it permissible to work as a fund accountant at Vistra management company ?

Wa alaykum salaam,

What exactly do you do in this role?

A fund accountant provides accounting for an investment portfolio. The investments needed include commodities, securities, and/or real estate in an investment fund like a hedge fund or mutual fund. The role of fund accountants includes activity capturing and recording. Fund accountants prepare accurate and timely values, distributions, yields, and fund accounting output for review. They manage activities associated with fund accounting and domestic equity transactions. Also, they work alongside supervisors when it comes to budget development.


Here are examples of responsibilities from real fund accountant resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Manage fund accounting activities for five funds for an investment manager with $80b in AUM.
  • Manage processing of mutual funds consisting of equity, bond, and money market securities and release daily prices to NASDAQ.
  • Manage accoutningtransition from Quickbooks to Yardi.
  • Manage complex pricing structure and maintain SalesForce CRM funnel for forecasting accuracy.
  • Prepare annual and semi-annual financial statements using GAAP.
  • Work with supervisors in budget development, AUM forecasting.
  • Research and analyze different assets using the BloomBerg terminal to provide an explanation for changes within the asset.
  • Review various types of securities: equities, mortgage-backed securities and derivatives: futures, swaps, options.
  • Calculate daily P/L and NAV for diversify portfolios consisting of futures, FX forwards, options and European equities.
  • Process sales and purchases of various investment securities within each mutual fund account including stocks, bonds and futures.
  • Identify and evaluate FX exposures at a consolidate and subsidiary level.
  • Advise management and colleagues by answering technical questions about custody reporting procedures and policies.
  • Advise executive management regarding modification and/or development of accounting systems, methods and procedures.
  • Apply accounting procedures or conduct procedural studies to analyze and solve accounting problems involving information systems.
  • Utilize GAAP to efficiently analyze, research, and ensure appropriate reconciliations surrounding investment activity/data, i.e.
  • Ensure accuracy of all fund activity and investigate and resolve discrepancies between accounting records and custody records.
  • Document audit/internal controls and recommendations for safeguarding company assets in addition to periodic testing for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

I would love to know if the above job description is halal?