FTMO Accounts trading

Recently, a type of company called prop firms has emerged, which are companies that hire traders after passing a test that you take (there will be fees for the test, then you will get these fees back if the test is successful). They have the tools, assistants, and trainers that the trader may need. The trading of these companies takes place in Forex, knowing that the orders that the trader gives pass them before entering the real market, so they accept some operations and reject others (to preserve their capital), but in all cases, the operations that I earn In it, I have a percentage of the profit, and the profit is in an agreed percentage between the company and the trader. When I lose, the company loses its money and the trader loses his effort.
The company also provides accounts without rollover fees for those who hold the Islamic religion only
Leverage may not be used
And if the trader proves his competence in trading, the company provides the capital that he works with
Is working with this company halal? And what is the ruling on dealing with financial leverage in that case, because the money is originally their money, and when using the leverage, the losses remain on them without any fees
I also want to point out that the currencies are real currencies
It is not CFDs. Please respond because I did not see any fatwa regarding this matter